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If you’re ready to experience balance, joy and prosperity in all areas of your life, I can help you make it happen. We’ll work together to draw out your gifts and magnificence; discover your purpose, power, passion; and develop a plan. As a coach I am objective, intuitive, nonjudgmental and supportive. Let me help you identify and obtain the things in your life that are most important to you. Sessions can be in person or via phone, text, Skype or Zoom.

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What Others Say


Susan S.

Kelly is an astute, intuitive, and skilled mentor, healer, and guide. His work truly comes from his heart and his abilities to tap into Higher Wisdom. His presence is calming and uplifting at the same time, which makes it easy to open up, share with honestly, and receive the insights he offers and the questions he presents to stimulate self-awareness and growth.

In our coaching sessions, Kelly has guided me into profound meditative states that I have cleared old fears and opened new awareness, leading me onto a path of deeper, richer contributions to the world, through work that feels newly inspired from my own soul. And Kelly’s seasoned business acumen balances the spiritual with the practical knowledge, bringing in helpful support for me to find my path forward in developing my professional presence.

Kelly’s unique blend of skill, abilities, and modalities make him a powerful and effective mentor, and I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to create greater success and meaning from their work!

Janie O.A.

Kelly is, without question – one of a kind! Through my work with Kelly my personal growth has reached entirely new levels- I’ve never dreamed of moving through this much life work so quickly and thoroughly. I have now worked with Kelly over 10 times. He is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to identifying and moving you through your mental and spiritual blocks. He is sensitive, intuitive, and targeted. Kelly works with many tools to facilitate moving you past your blocks. He is the most effective personal life coach that I have ever worked with.

In an Akashic Record reading with my Mother from her beyond-state, she noted that I am “truly doing the work” in this life. And intuitively I knew she was referring to the work that Kelly and K have done together. Kelly is making all the difference for me!

Sandra F.

I have led a very challenging and, at times, painful life this time around. At this period of time Kelly Williams read my Akashic records. It was mind blowing! It was right on target! It brought to light, through looking at previous lifetimes and my soul contract, why I have been manifesting pain in my present life as well as many previous incarnations. The information I received from the reading really helped me to understand myself and the way I show up on this planet. Most importantly, it showed me the work I need to do from this point on, one of which is to create a new soul contract and let go of the things that no longer serve me in my highest and best good. I would encourage everyone to have Kelly read your Akashic records.


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