I truly believe: “Love Is The Strongest Medicine.” – Kelly Mark Williams

I have had the honor of participating in numerous spiritual retreats around the world, and have been inspired by the works and teachings of many spiritually-minded individuals. while I am not religious, I had a Catholic upbringing and have a deep understanding of both Christianity and Hinduism. In addition, I have used Astrology throughout my life to understand and appreciate all that has blessed my path. I have been successful in business, in raising a family and in spiritual development. Now I am dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, too.

My Story: Meet Kelly Mark Williams

As those who know me have come to understand, although I am balanced, anchored and pragmatic, I choose to exist primarily in the spiritual aspect of reality. Mine is a world of love, compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Because I believe that people—including you!—are by nature glorious beings, I am saddened that so many do not recognize their own magnificence. What I’ve seen is that as we explore the matrix of human existence, we find many false realities about ourselves. These false realities can leave an emptiness in our soul’s connection to the divine. It is my purpose and incredible privilege to help others overcome this disconnection.

I’m here to raise consciousness, bring balance to the world, and inspire you to see your own light and live your intended purpose. To that end I have been trained in a variety of synergistic tools and modalities that help me in my work as a Transformational Life Coach. In addition to having completed an intensive 120-hour course to become a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I am also a certified Akashic Records reader (and I can also teach you to read your own Akashic Records), Certified Spiritual Counselor, a certified meditation teacher, a certified practitioner of “Access BARS” energy healing, and more.

If you are ready to create a bridge to self-awareness that can open new possibilities for your life, I am here to help you!


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